A short video about Woowfi

We would introduce our new product Woowfi

Woowfi – Wi-Fi Marketing

You may not have a Wi-Fi Marketing & Wi-Fi Monetization solution yet, but we will be happy to help give you the answers you’re looking for.

Thanks to Woowfi you have the power to increase your brand awareness, revenue, obtain a new and effective Wi-Fi social marketing and get most of the relationship with your visitors & customers.

Increase Sales With Automated Wi-Fi Marketing


✓ Easy-To-Use login process
✓ Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email login
✓ SMS Authentication
✓ Session time and bandwidth management


✓ Collect names, email addresses, birthdays and more
✓ Build detailed profiles of your customers


✓ Build brand awareness
✓ Get likes and followers
✓ Use data for targetted offers
✓ Promote your website

Best choice for transportation hubs, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, municipal Wi-Fi and other enterprise venues. It’s not just a common Wi-Fi. Woowfi offers a new way of Wi-Fi monetization and communication with your customers. Engage them, promote your services and get hundreds of insights in no time.

Call or Whatsapp: +6013357472

View : http://jommaju.com/woowfi/




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