1. Use modifiers

If your initial idea for a domain name is taken, add a modifier like an adjective or a word that describes your business.

2. Incorporate your location

Many businesses today are locally operated, so include this information in your domain name to make your site more locally relevant for search.

3. Add keywords

Recent research revealed that internet search users are almost twice as likely to click on a keyword-rich domain name that includes at least one of their search terms.

4. Be unique

Many successful companies have created great names by adding or removing a letter from a common word, like Tumblr; by combining two common words like Facebook; or by using a common word in a new context, like Yahoo.

5. Consider what a customer would search for to find you

Think of words and phrases that people would likely type into their search bar. For example, many people searched for “tips to get online,” which inspired the domain name tipstogetonline.com.

6. Use an acronym

Companies like AOL, IBM and BMW use their acronyms in all their domain names. You can also abbreviate states, countries and professions in your domain name too, such as NYC, USA and CPA.

7. Register your social media handle

Many people and businesses start their digital journey on social media so you could use your existing handle (“nickname”) as your .com domain name.

8. Use a domain name suggestion tool

Most registrars offer tools to help you identify available domain names that might work for you. Verisign has one too – DomainScope – which automatically generates a list of relevant options when you type in keywords of interest.



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